Holistic Psychiatry

Psychotherapy, psychiatric medication and psychedelic medicine can all be monitored, managed and well integrated at Innate Path.

Dr. Shirey is unique among psychiatrists in that he has extensive training in psychotherapy. He has trained for years in the same comprehensive body-focused trauma and psychedelic psychotherapy model practiced at Innate Path as well as being a board certified psychiatrist in practice for 25 years. What does this mean? The use of psychotherapy, psychiatric medication and psychedelic medicine can all be monitored, managed and well integrated at Innate Path.


Psychiatric issues are by their nature complex and have roots in a variety of areas such as neurochemistry, genetics, nutrition, early childhood environment, family systems, culture, spirituality and existential concerns. There are many different roads that can lead someone to depression, anxiety and mental illness, and the best solutions often involve looking in many different areas of a person’s life. Medicine and psychiatry practiced at their best are by definition holistic because your health and well being involve all of these layers.


Dr. Shirey is a holistic psychiatrist and feels the best results are achieved when a variety of expertise such as psychotherapy, nutrition, general medical care are all part of the care equation along with needed medication.

Regarding his approach to the use of psychiatric medication, Dr. Shirey believes that pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals should be prescribed thoughtfully and sparingly with the patient both engaged in the decision making process and aware of the rationale for medication use. Dr. Shirey understands the risk – benefit nature of prescribing psychiatric medication: sometimes it can be very helpful, sometimes it does nothing, and sometimes medication can even make things worse. This is why medication should always be prescribed with a clear purpose and an exit plan in mind.


Dr. Shirey believes that psychiatric medications should be viewed as supportive in nature and be combined with effective modes of psychotherapy, self-care and supportive relationships to improve outcomes. To adapt a quote by BJ Miller, MD: Healing is a human act, not just a clinical one.


Dr. Shirey is one of the warmest, most approachable psychiatrists I’ve worked with. He is informal, knows his stuff and is genuinely interested in talking with me. And he has one of the most infectious goofy laughs…


Treatment Options:

Even though we offer an integrated model of care between psychotherapy, traditional psychiatry, and psychedelic medicine, we know not everyone wants or needs to engage all of these. There are options to be a client at Innate Path without seeing Dr. Shirey or any psychiatrist, and it is possible to work with Dr. Shirey as a holistic psychiatrist without being seen at Innate Path for psychotherapy.