PSI Therapy Options

PSI offers two options for Psychedelic Therapy. Read below to find out which is a better option for you.

Cannabis and Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy

At PSI we follow a tiered protocol when it comes to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. We are strong advocates for cannabis as a Tier-1 (Body) foundational medicine to facilitate core somatic processing and healing. All of our clients do work with cannabis prior to a higher Tier-2 (Fabric) session with psilocybin. 

The greatest benefit one can achieve through higher tier medicines, such as psilocybin, is by first reducing the charge of unintegrated emotions and trauma. This work is done through cannabis. Depending on the level of trauma it can take 3-12 sessions with cannabis to work through and detangle the web of trauma that has happened through the actual experience(s) along with suppression and management of the symptoms generated by these held charges.  


Our core principal of therapy is to start at the foundation of body, then advance to the fabric of reality that has been created by the trauma and then into transpersonal states. 


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