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📢 Join us for an introduction to Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP).

🤯 This no-cost, 2.5 hour live webinar will be facilitated by Founder and Director of Education at PSI, and former MAPS Phase 2 investigator, Saj Razvi.

🎤 We will discuss theory, view video examples of what autonomic nervous system processing looks like in the psychedelic state, as well as hold an interactive Q&A session.

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 Psychedelic Somatic Institute
 A Public Benefit Corporation



- Ragnhildstveit A, Kaiyo M, et al. Cannabis-assisted

psychotherapy for complex dissociative post-

traumatic stress disorder: A case report.

Frontiers in Psychiatry (2023) vol 14

 Psychedelic Apprenticeship Training at PSI

The PSI training is not an integration model where traditional talk therapy happens after the psychedelic experience to provide benefit, nor is PSIP a sitter model that often rely on a transcendent bypass of the painful aspects of ego and human relationship. Human relational wounding requires human relational healing. PSIP is a comprehensive psychedelic assisted therapy model where the therapist is an active participant in the client's psychedelic session which keeps the process in the human relational realm. This yields visceral access to childhood developmental trauma, attachment wounding, transferential projection, and the homeostatic self correcting intelligence of the body. 

We have a psychedelic training program through which you can provide fully legal, psychedelic therapy to your clients in your own private practice setting. We developed a psychedelic specific therapy modality, Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP), that uncovers and amplifies the psychedelic properties of easily accessible, legal substances such as cannabis and ketamine. These inexpensive drugs become potent psychedelic medicines when paired with a psychedelic specific modality such as PSIP. The therapeutic healing intelligence is in the process, the therapeutic relationship, and innately in the body. We have been providing this work clinically for years, this is how you can do it as well for your clients.




     Apprentice Training Model

We have developed a training model that is so highly experiential, individually focused and reliant on the therapist getting their own work done as part of their training that it is more appropriately an apprenticeship. The PSI Apprentice training is the gold standard for psychedelic education. Based on our experience running psychotherapy trainings since 2008, we have found that the single most important factor for learning PSIP (and psychedelic therapy in general) is to understand the work from the inside out by receiving it. The somatic (autonomic) and relational processing that becomes active in the psychedelic state, and which is at the heart of PSIP, needs to be experienced to be truly understood. Having a cognitive grasp of the material through lecture and watching video sessions is important, but knowing the process viscerally through your own personal experience develops depth, nuance, confidence and mastery with the work.

Apprentice is designed around students receiving their own sessions and observing the live sessions of other students. PSI faculty will work with an extremely small student cohort of just 3 people where each student will receive multiple psychedelic therapy sessions, observe live sessions, and engage in integration work. 


Click below to learn more about these training options. We also have a sample training excerpt that we recommend all students applying to our programs watch. 

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PSI Introductory Videos









Dr. Hillary McBride

White Paper

Download our free comprehensive theory paper that was published in the Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry. It will provide a full overview of the PSIP model.

View A PSI
Training Excerpt

In addition to the above videos, we have an hour long training excerpt describing the body's role in psychedelic therapy. It is a useful map regardless of what modality you use.

Why train at PSI

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Legal Psychedelic Practice

The demand for psychedelic psychotherapy and clinicians that can provide this treatment is profound and will continue to grow as more people discover what is possible through it. While there is a push for FDA approval for substances such as MDMA and psilocybin, there are readily available, legal medicines whose psychedelic potential is unlocked if they are paired with an appropriate therapy modality. Cannabis moves from being a calming or uplifting recreational experience to a very useful psychedelic medicine. We have been working with and testing cannabis as a psychedelic in our clinical settings for years. Due to its legal status, non-medical framework, low cost, availability and precise therapeutic response, we refer to it as THE accessible grassroots psychedelic medicine. 


Mission Driven Community

You are the answer to the vast need for uniquely trained psychedelic practitioners to provide high quality and efficacious somatic psychedelic therapy. PSI is on a mission to train therapists and bring this work to communities world-wide. Through strength in numbers, we can help one another be successful and, more importantly, make a lasting and real difference in the lives of people in need of mental health support. The PSI Psychedelic Therapists Training Program, a highly accessible program for private practitioners with the passion and desire to bring this work to their community, allows therapists to work together, support each other, and experience the deep satisfaction of providing psychedelic therapy to their clients utilizing the PSIP model. Join us for this incredible professional opportunity and personal journey!

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Cannabis as a Psychedelic

PSI is a mission driven organization that views the responsible, skillful use of psychedelic medicines as the singularly most important development in modern psychological, spiritual and cultural health. Based on our years of clinical and research experience with a variety of substances, our focus is on the advancement of cannabis-assisted and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. We view this as an equal but preliminary partner to other advanced psychedelics such as psilocybin. Our mission is the grassroots advancement of high quality psychedelic therapy, and the accessibility of these therapies to all who seek them.

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