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Ketamine, Oxytocin &
Sustained Eye Contact PSIP

(Highly Relational) 

We have a truly unique and useful educational resource to share with you today. This is a podcast interview conducted by psychiatrist Dr. Craig Heacock with PSI’s own Director of Education, Saj Razvi. The audio is from an actual ketamine assisted PSIP session taken from one of our Apprentice trainings. What you will hear is the combination of fully legal psychedelic medicine (ketamine and oxytocin) combined with the intervention of sustained eye contact. This combination reveals a level of relational wounding the student has that gets expressed as an embodied (physicalized) negative transference. Craig and Saj pause the session at times to discuss so you’ll get the theory behind what is going on. 

Saj feels this podcast is the most informative educational resource we have that clearly demonstrates the richness and therapeutic potential that is held in the relational, transferential dimensions of psychedelic therapy. It is suspense filled, informative and we think you will find it very useful. 

Sessions like these are a common enough occurrence at PSI apprentice trainings. It points to how much relational wounding and compartmentalization all of us (client and therapist alike) are typically walking around with.

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