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Understanding Symptoms

Research suggests that most of the symptoms for which people seek treatment are not random bad wiring or biochemical imbalances. Anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD symptoms are frequently adaptive responses to childhood experiences. We are leaving the paradigm of symptom suppression and management and focusing on resolving root causes with psychedelic therapy. Your ability to feel and engage these symptoms is integral to healing them.

Although western medicine traditionally treats mostly symptoms, our symptoms are no accident. Whether they be mental (distorted thoughts), emotional (anxiety and depression) or physical (somatic illness, PTSD), they exist for a reason. The video below explores how many of our symptoms develop as we accumulate biological threat responses over time, creating patterns of illness in our minds and bodies. And though these patterns become painful and even debilitating, they actually function intelligently, alerting us to problems and inviting us to heal.

It takes a great deal of energy to respond to threat. When we re-experience threats against which we were powerless in the past, we still perceive these threats as active, until we find a way to either avoid them, solve them, or find enough power to defeat them.

We have these answers within and, with the right kind of understanding and support, can heal the underlying causes of our symptoms. The video below go into detail about how the autonomic nervous system works and how we store and also release threat, fear and trauma by making supported contact with it.


The PSI Treatment Model

Described by Saj Razvi

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