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Our Why

We believe healing and knowing the goodness of life is our nature and birthright, we have a training mission dedicated to making high quality, legal psychedelic therapy available to all who seek it. 


PSI Faculty & Staff

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Saj Razvi

Director of Education

Saj Razvi is the Director of Education at PSI. He is a former clinical researcher in the MAPS Phase 2 trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. He is faculty at Synthesis and Mind Medicine Australia and taught PTSD studies at the University of Denver, and a PhD course at the University of Copenhagen. He is one of the primary developers of the Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) modality which is a next generation, primary consciousness oriented psychotherapy. The focus of PSIP is to maximize the relational and autonomic healing capacity of psychedelic medicine to treat complex, childhood developmental trauma.

Saj's primary focus is to train clinicians to provide legal, effective psychedelic treatment in their private practice settings utilizing readily accessible medicines such as cannabis and ketamine. He provides PSI trainings and supervision to students internationally. In 2015, he was part of a harm reduction effort that was unsuccessful. Saj is open about these events and invites you to
read his story here.


Robin Temple

PSI Instructor

Robin Temple, MA, MSW, Applied Existential Coaching. With her roots in Transpersonal Psychology and Gestalt Therapy, Robin has been in practice for 28 years as a couple's therapist and experiential workshop leader.  She is a Master Teacher and Trainer for PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) and co founder (along with her husband Michael) of for True Love.

After decades of helping thousands of couples, as well as training other therapists and clergy to do so, she sees intimate relationships as the most fertile ground for healing attachment trauma and working with transference. She is passionate about the unparalleled ways in which PSIP dramatically accelerates the healing of attachment trauma, and the promise of using this modality to help individuals to experience secure and meaningul love relationships. Incorporating PSIP into her life, both personally and professionally, has been deeply rewarding. She is enlivened by facilitating this work and equipping other mental health professionals with this profound tool to expand the capacity for joy in the lives of their clients.  Robin is based in Longmont, CO. 


Edyta Halicka

Enrollment Director

Jackie Meltz.jpg

Jackie Meltz

PSI Instructor

Jackie Meltz is a Clinical Social Worker and holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She has been a practicing psychotherapist for 25+ years. She specializes in treating developmental trauma, using a psychodynamic, somatic and psychedelic therapy approach. She has extensive training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), an accelerated, somatic based, psychodynamic approach, and provides clinical supervision and trainings to therapists learning this therapy modality. She has found that ISTDP and Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy, combined, provide a very comprehensive approach to treating developmental trauma, as both access and work with trauma directly in the body. Jackie has also taught psychology and social work at California State University Los Angeles, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Colorado State University Fort Collins. She is now teaching faculty with the Psychedelic Somatic Institute, providing immersive trainings to therapists wanting to learn this model of psychedelic therapy. She feels passionate about teaching this type of therapy to therapists and using it with clients, seeing that it has the ability to access and help people work though trauma that no other type of therapy modalities currently out there does. She is based in Boulder, Colorado.


Ben Schwarcz

Instructor Candidate

Ben Schwarcz, LMFT, ACAP-EFT specializes in Trauma, relationship issues, anxiety, spiritual emergence, and coaching entrepreneurs and healers to overcome their barriers to success and peak performance. Ben is the co-creator of an Energy Psychology method for ancestral healing, called Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques (ATRT™), and has taught ATRT™ at professional psychology conferences. He's certified in Hypnosis for Infertility by James Schwartz, CCHt. Ben has been working in the mental health field since 1991 in various clinical settings in the San Francisco Bay Area, including 15 years working in acute psychiatric hospitals, and has been in private practice for more than 20 years. His Master's Degree is in Transpersonal Psychology and his clinical work has always been rooted in a spiritual framework. Since 2007 EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), has been his main modality. He has been a clinical supervisor and consultant for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) in the EFT Certification program for therapists since 2017.

Since incorporating Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy into his practice, PSIP has become a core part of his therapy work and has been a deeply rewarding path, both personally and professionally. Ben is based in Santa Rosa, California.


Paula Brandt

PSI Instructor

Paula Brandt, MS, LSW, CCDP-D, has developed programs that serve people with mental illness and/or substance use issues for over 40 years. She has dedicated her career to advocating for person-centered, common sense, compassionate care.

She has provided both leadership and clinical services in a variety of settings that include case management, community support, recovery community organizations. intensive residential/outpatient treatment, and the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center. She also taught for 4 years at the U of M Master Level Integrated Behavioral Health Program.

She is the founder of Minnesota Alternatives (outpatient treatment for both mental health and substance use), which was acquired by Mental Health Resources in 2018. 

She is currently a co-owner of Expanse MN, a state-of-the-art mental health clinic that opened in January 2022. She has a master’s degree from Boston University in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counseling and is a licensed social worker and is certified as a Co-Occurring Disorders Professional Diplomate.

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Dr. Anna Fekete

Instructor Candidate

Dr. Fekete has been a teaching assistant in numerous PSI trainings as an instructor candidate. She has extensive training and professional experience in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, couples/marriage therapy, CBT, EMDR, systemic constellations, psychedelic assisted psychotherapies, as well as life and business coaching.

She has 25+ years of professional experience, having worked with a broad range of psychological and relationship issues, psychiatric disorders, and neuropsychological conditions both in clinical and in private settings. She specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, grief, relationships, life transitions, and psychedelic processing and integration.


Nicki Wharton, LCSW

PSI Teaching Assistant

Edyta Halicka is the Enrollment Director at PSI. She has graduated from English Studies and gained her professional experience in the customer support field. She is a former licensed massage therapist, fascinated in psychotherapy and somatic work.

Edyta is a natural born organiser and a community builder and has successfully organised numerous bodywork and movement workshops in her hometown in Poland. Her interest in psychology and psychotherapy is focused on healing trauma, she has completed Internal Family Systems Level 1 training and is constantly expanding her knowledge in the trauma therapy field. Her explorations resulted in getting interested in psychedelic therapy, which eventually led her to connection with PSI. 

Nicki Wharton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Salt Lake City and in the PSI instructor training program as a teaching assistant. She is a trauma-informed therapist who specializes in working with women who are survivors of complex-developmental trauma and PTSD. In her work with survivors, she quickly learned that trauma cannot be healed from traditional talk therapy and cognitive behavioral approaches. Trauma is held in the body- not the rational thinking mind. As an Attachment-Focused EMDR trained therapist, Nicki found this modality useful in the treatment of PTSD but noticed its limitations in treating traumatic dissociation. "The truly overwhelming and worst traumas people have are also the most numb and unreachable." 


Nicki now uses Psychedelic Somatic Interaction Psychotherapy (PSIP) to help her clients process through the layers of dissociation and trauma held in their bodies. The psychedelic medicine used in this work is cannabis. Nicki is "super passionate about using cannabis in psychotherapy because psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is already here, legal, and accessible in most states." Nicki is now more hopeful than ever to be able to help facilitate real healing from the chains of trauma. 

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