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Psychedelic Therapy Training for Mental Health, Medical & Healing Arts Professionals

We have a psychedelic therapy training program for you to become a fully legal, psychedelic somatic therapist today. We developed a psychedelic specific somatic therapy model, Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP), that uncovers and amplifies the psychedelic properties of easily accessible, legal substances such as cannabis and ketamine. These inexpensive drugs become potent psychedelic medicines when paired with a psychedelic specific modality such as PSIP The therapeutic healing intelligence is in the process, the therapeutic relationship, and innately in the unconscious mind. Our focus is on those elements to create the healing response you can see throughout the videos on this site. We have been providing this work clinically for years, this is how you can do it as well for your clients.

PSIP is not an integration or sitter school, it is a full psychedelic therapy training course through which you can provide legal psychedelic somatic therapy to your clients

in your private practice

The PSI psychedelic therapy training program is a full psychotherapy training composed of a single in-person 5 day module followed by a 6 month supervisory apprenticeship with weekly supervision (first 6 weeks) and bi-weekly supervision after that. The program is not a sitter school or training for spiritual exploration or group ceremonial work but an individual therapy model designed to address mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, complex childhood trauma, dissociation and other symptoms of PTSD. You will learn theory and get hands-on experience with the model that was specifically designed to operate inside of and support the altered state of consciousness created by psychedelic medicines.

Instruction will be provided by PSI Director of Education, Saj Razvi, LPC. Saj was a former clinical researcher in the MAPS Study of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for Treatment Resistant PTSD. He has taught graduate students and professional therapists since 2008, and taught PTSD studies at the University of Denver. He has been interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR), as well as other national publications, and he is the principle author of a paper published in the peer reviewed Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry.  

PSI Introductory Videos



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$19 non CEU / $49 CEU

Regional Training

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White Paper

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If you are a therapist or a client please feel free to contact PSI with any questions.

Why you are the answer to

what is needed

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The demand for psychedelic psychotherapy and clinicians that can provide this treatment is profound and will continue to grow as more people discover what is possible through it. While there is a push for FDA approval for substances such as MDMA and psilocybin, there are readily available, legal medicines whose psychedelic potential is unlocked if they are paired with an appropriate therapy modality. Cannabis moves from being a calming or uplifting recreational experience to a very useful psychedelic medicine. We have been working with and testing cannabis as a psychedelic in our clinical settings for years. Due to its legal status, non-medical framework, low cost, availability and precise therapeutic response, we refer to it as THE accessible grassroots psychedelic medicine. 



You are the answer to the vast need for uniquely trained therapists to provide high quality and efficacious somatic psychedelic therapy training. PSI is on a mission to train therapists and bring this work to communities world-wide. Through strength in numbers, we can help one another be successful and, more importantly, make a lasting and real difference in the lives of people in need of mental health support. The PSI Psychedelic Therapists Training Program, a highly accessible program for private practitioners with the passion and desire to bring this work to their community, allows therapists to work together, support each other, and experience the deep satisfaction of providing psychedelic therapy to their clients utilizing the PSIP model. Join us for this incredible professional opportunity and personal journey!

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PSI is a mission driven organization that views the responsible, skillful use of psychedelic medicines as the singularly most important development in modern psychological, spiritual and cultural health. Based on our years of clinical and research experience with a variety of substances, our focus is on the advancement of cannabis-assisted and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. We view this as an equal but preliminary partner to other advanced psychedelics such as psilocybin. Our mission is the grassroots advancement of high quality psychedelic therapy, and the accessibility of these therapies to all who seek them.


Upcoming Trainings

You must fill out our training application prior to registering for a training. 

PSI is in the process of redesigning its training program to create a more in-depth, personalized apprenticeship based program.  We will be updating the site with the new program in the coming month.

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